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  1. About time too. I have been asked to do one like this many times, but well I would not be able to do it justice as you do- I couldn’t be sensible and veer off at tangents, but I am working on a something akin via the consultancy I do. I agree wholeheartedly with you about taking images for yourself. When working I have to take certain images, certain ways re the clients criteria and usually lack of vision. Fine, they pay me. My best images though come from within what/how/why I like. Best of Luck with this- not that you need it. You are one of my top 5 online photographers and even this long time jaded professional photographer can be rvitalised with your words and images as sublime as this one.

  2. what a great thing to do and to put so much time into it as well. I love when people share information, regardless of the topic. Your photography is stunning.

  3. I learned about you from Diane and immediately popped over to see what’s going on. Already I’m prompted to think about what I’m doing–that’s a good thing. For me, photography has been a case of “I just want to take good pictures.” After reading your introduction, I understand there’s a whole lot more to this art. Thank you already.

  4. Great introduction, you have me thinking about what I want to accomplish with my photos. something I had never taken the time to think about before, Thanks, I look forward to more lessons. Kim

    I got here from Diane’s also

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