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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is all about us making you look the best you can.


Stock photos will only make you look like everyone else.


Amateur photos will only make you look amateurish.


For businesses that want to promote a professional image they need professional images. 

You have spent a lot of time and effort on your business, but all that is wasted if no one gets to see what you do.


We work hard to make sure that your hard work is projected to the world in the correct way.

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We take photos, but what else can we offer.

Firstly the images provided will be the right size for the job, be it 2" square or 2 meters square, and they will be in the right format and color space.

We can liaise with your Printer, Web Designer or Publisher, to make sure the finished image meets all their requirements, saving you the hassle of being a go between. 

We offer staff training of photography techniques and how to use imaging software. I can also advise on what software and equipment to buy and where to get it.


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