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  1. This is wider – the little deer-like thing looks a little pixelated but it should iron itself out (it’s only a test!)
    Anyway, when 365 to 42 runs out can’t you just make a 365 to 43 blog lol?


  2. You must be pleased with these.Rare shots.
    Surprised that you reached my blogging efforts!
    Big news here was whether or not foxes got into the island of Tasmania – not so long ago, it was feared at least one had got there somehow and searching took place. I don’t know the latest with that.

  3. i’ve never seen a real fox in my life. those are awesome pictures. especially the one w/ the cubs playing and the mother just sitting there, as if posing for you lol

  4. Absolutely amazing, such wonderful photos. I love foxes (yes even after they’ve have poohed on my garden) and would love to get to see them out in the wild properly like this. What an amazing experience.


  5. These are really good photos. I’m really liking you methods too. Makes me want to make a new blog for my own photos. Mine are crappy compared to these those… Good Job!

  6. What amazing photos! I got a Canon Rebel for Christmas, and I really want to learn and improve as a photographer! Maybe I’ll be able to learn a bit from you on this blog!

  7. Hi Brett
    These are great images…. not managed to capture any of the local foxes but do plan to… I did come across a den a few years ago on on the site of a disused quarry… two young were playing outside which as such a rare sighting for use. At that time I did not own a camera… these have inspired me to go fox hunting with the Canon… and not the gun :O)

  8. Love your photos. Great to see them out playing in the sunshine.
    I’ve befriended a family of foxes but most of my shots tend to be at night as the location is difficult during the day.
    Do you still manage to spot them as they’ve grown up?

  9. At the time i took these i was working in the afternoons and the sun did not hit the site till around 9.30 so all the photos are between those hours.

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